Dishcloth swap weekly topic no.2

I know that fall has arrived by the turning of the leaves and the drop in temps which are now in the high 40's to low 50's. We had our first frost on Monday. We also have "termination" dust on top of the mountains which means summer is terminated and fall has arrived,lol.

I like fall because it's getting closer to Thanksgiving (one of my favorite holidays) and closer to Christmas and to my daughter's visit to Alaska. I can hardly wait to decorate my room in fallish colors and I am hoping that snow will wait awhile before it makes an appearance.

I hope everyone has a wonderful fall week


Anonymous said...

Ohhh Fall in Alaska, I bet it is beautiful. Hopefully some day I will get to go there...I missed my last oppurtunity due to having a baby and not being able to travel for the conference:)
Have a great week!
Your secret swapper pal!

Anne said...

Ooh - well we're getting into the 50s at night time - does that count? Still mid-70s in the day though :P

Love you momma!