Dishcloth Swap

On question no. 4, I stay busy, watching Jake play soccer, going to the club and swim, sit around and read, drink tea and coffee, and crochet from time to time. But in general just stay as busy as I can because we have a long winter.

On question no. 5--I would sit on the beach in a very warm place read a great book or two, have a quiet, yummy lunch and just be lazy. And if money was no object, I would try and take Martina and Anne with me.

Keep warm everyone!!!!


this and that and dishcloth swap

Let me start out by telling my secret pal that I received her package on Saturday and it certainly made my day brighter. Georgeanne, thank you so much for everything. The little purse is so cute and my granddaughter wanted it right away because it has a bug on it and she is "Katie Bug". The dishcloth are so pretty, almost don't want to use them and wont for a while. I love the yarn and the stitch markers (did you make them yourself?). The lotion and soap will come in handy. I thought it was pretty funny that you spoiled me and I had spoiled you in the fall. LOL.

On another matter, when I do post pictures you will see the sock I am crocheting in its glory in December and what it looks like now. I've been lazy and have not worked on it for awhile, but will start again soon. With being sick and not wanting to go out in the cold I've not been going to my weekly crocheting class.

Here's how the sock looked in December:

And here's how far I am now:
As for the weekly topic I will take pictures and post as soon as I round up all my yarn. My yarns are not sorted. All are in large container and I have to pull out my cottons. So sorry.

Hope everybody is staying warm. I'm rtying to. We are having a real bad cold spell right now. Yesterday morning it was -15 and its supposed to be colder today. I will go for now and have myself a nice, hot cup of tea.