Topic of the Week

I love my first cup of coffee in the morning (sometimes I pour before the pot is done brewing). I love to savor it alone, lights still off and plan my day ahead, but I also love a cup of coffee with friends, some cake or cookies to nibble and rain or snow pouring down. If all my friends are busy, I have a book keep me company.


Misc news

Hello everybody. So sorry for not posting in a while. I have been very busy with my Church. We collect food every Thanksgiving and in conjunction with other Churches and our local Food Bank we have a Thanksgiving Blessing. Our Church is one of the pick up points i.e. if you live at a certain zip code you come to our church with a piece of mail that shows your zip code and then you shop for your Thanksgiving dinner that feeds a family of 5. If you have a larger family then you shop for a larger family. The dinner includes everything to prepare a meal starting with turkey, vegetables, potatoes, apples, pie shells, gravy mix, dressing mix, etc.. While you wait for your turn there is coffee, tea, cake, and pie. We have a children room for coloring, drawing, books to read or be read to and face painting. If a person wishes to pray, there is a prayer room and people to pray with you.

This year we passed out 600 meals to feed 3,000 + people and city wide various churches to cover all zip codes in Anchorage served a total of 4,180 meals to feed 20,900+ people. I feel very fortunate to work with our Church and it makes my Thanksgiving so much better.

As for my family we are fine. We've had snow and will have a white Thanksgiving. Today my daughter Anne arrived in Virginia to spend Thanksgiving with her friend Chan and family. Thank you guys for giving her a family to celebrate the holiday with.

I will go to my crocheting class tonight. We will have a little party and I will post pictures in the next 2 days.

All of you have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Topic of the week

I am thankful for my wonderful family and friends her in Alaska, Georgia, Virginia, Alabama, Texas, Hawaii, Germany, Colorado and all over the United States. Have a blessed Thanksgiving all.


Topic of the week

Here is my answer to the weekly topic.

I haven't crochet a whole lot since my girls grew up but am doing a lot now that I am involved in all these wonderful swaps. This year I will be crocheting a pair of socks for myself and some small items to give away as presents and I will try to maybe crochet something for Katie's American doll and a coat for her new (stuffed) dog Shimmer. We'll see. I will post pictures as I get along but not until after Thanksgiving, since I'm helping our church with an event to help those in need.


My Lovely Package from KT!

As promised, here are the much delayed photos of the awesome package I got from KT! Thank you again for spoiling me so well!


This and that

It's been awhile since I've posted on my blog, but I do have an excuse, I have been sick. I know, it was "just" a cold but since I am a kidney transplant patient and have just about no immune system to speak of, even a cold turns into a major event. Enough said, I'm back.

KT, will post a picture of your package, and everybody, the gum is missing since my granddaughter took care of that. It was there, really.

As to the topic of the week on the coffee swap, here goes my answer: I do not remember when I had my "first" taste of coffee, but I do remember being about 10 and being on a train from Germany to the Netherlands to visit my grandparents, when the train stopped in the first Dutch station and vendors came to the windows selling coffee. This was coffee with lots of milk (for runner of a latte?) with lots of sugar and a small cookie. I tried it and loved it and for a long time I drank my coffee just like that. Once I met my husband I started drinking my coffee black because that was the way he liked it. Now I drink my coffee with creamer and I love a light roast. Here is a little sidebar. My Dad was dutch and he drank his coffee with cream and sugar all his life and all 3 of my daughters were given a cookie dunked in coffee by the time they were 4-5 months old. So they probably got their first taste of of coffee while pretty young .

I wish all of you a wonderful week. Keep warm with a good cup of coffee and I'll see you next week.