coffee swap

Here are some pictures of the wonderful package I received from my secret pal. Edit: Silly me, I forgot to tell you who it was! She's not a secret now - my amazing pal was Cindy! I am drinking some of the coffee she sent me while I'm trying to post these pictures.I loved everything she sent, the coffee, wonderful stitch markers, cashew and macademia nuts, an afghan crochet hook, a cute duck letter opener, a nice little home made bag as well as a great cup and saucer for me to enjoy my coffee. I love the Bamboo yarn and the pattern for a scarf and hat. I will post when I have completed one of the items, and everything arrived here on the 22nd and it truly made my day. Thank you so very much.

Did I say that spring had arrived in Alaska?????

Have a great week everyone. Ingrid


coffee swap

Sorry that I missed the post for last week's topic, but... I can't remember it was over 50 years ago and I truly don't remember. I do remember taking a trip to Holland with my dad on a train to meet my grandfather and the first stop across the border had vendors coming, selling coffee with lots of cream and sugar and a cookie on the side and I do know that I had some coffee there and I think I was probably about 10+ years old or should I say young lol. As to this weeks topic , I would plant a vegetable garden, some flowers and certainly an herb garden. I love fresh herbs in the summertime and I would need the flowers to look at. I don't plant a garden anymore but we go to a you pick it farm almost every summer and that is lots of fun.

I got my swap package yesterday and what a wonderful package it is. I already took pictures and will post them tonight.

We have wonderful sunshine and temps is the low 50's, yeah its beginning to look a lot like springtime with most of the snow gone. Til next time stay happy and enjoy your coffee, I will.


coffee swap

Hello everyone in coffee swap land. Hope you all have a better spring than we have. Once again it is snowing hard and really and truly I can hardly stand it. As for topic no. 2. No I have not switched to lighter yarn or different projects. It will be awhile before it gets warm enough here to not want to deal with wool. I am planning on going to my knitting/crocheting class tonight (if it stops snowing) and I promise that I will post pictures tomorrow. Have a wonderful week everyone and I'll just keep warm by drinking another cup of Kona with Pumpkin spice coffee. Bye