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I call them dishrag and washcloth. But when I was selling them at bazars I called them dishcloth because people would rather buy a dishcloth then a dishrag. LOL. And when I was growing up, my mother called them a dishrag or a washrag. I think its a matter of what you feel most comfortable with. Have a great day all. Ingrid


dishcloth exchange answers

Hello everyone and happy new year. Here are my answers to the questions for the exchange:

1. I crochet only

2. I use mostly metal hooks

3. Whatever colors I see and like and at this time I'm not looking for any specific yarn.

4. Bath is cream and sage; kitchen is black and dark blue and some stainless steel.

5. I actually like all colors

6. Right now, this minute I wish winter was over because it just keeps snowing and when it stops snowing it is really cold.

7. Play with the kids I babysit or if I have the time I drink a cup of coffee or tea and read a funny book.

8. Nibble on some yummy nuts or eat some cookies (which are a no no for me)

9. I love coffee and tea but don't drink cocoa.

10. Go to a warm place, lay on the beach, swim, read and relax

11. I have no allergies


winterwonderland coffeeswap

hello everyone, Angela's package finally arrived. It was late but thru no fault of hers. She mailed the package on the 10th and it arrived in Anchorage on the 15th but was delivered to my old address (across the street from where I live now). The girls that live there just put it in a corner and forgot about it. After Christmas I finally started checking because I thought the package should be here by now and after phone calls and messages(to make sure they had the package), Martina went over there and got it. Thank you so much Angela. I loved everything you sent. The Patton yarn has wonderful colors and I trying to figure out what I want to make with it. Can't wait to try the crochet hook with th light. I am already drinking some of the coffee as in right now. All the gingerbread ornaments and the little cup are precious. Had to defend the cup because my granddaughter Katie wanted it because its sooooo cute. I'll keep the nuts an dnibble on them while watching the superbowl. Thank you so very much for being so thoughtful. I appreciate and love everything you sent. Ingrid